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Endurance Event Coaching

Dune day, Marathon Des Sables.

Endurance Event Coaching

Start of the 7 day Marathon Des Sables carrying all you need for 250kms.

Endurance Event Coaching

Transalpine Run, 280km mountain race, 2011.

Endurance Event Coaching

The sub 25 hr buckle for the Leadville Trail 100 mile run, a tough ask at 12,000 feet.

Endurance/Ultra Coaching

Good Coaches in the Ultra / Endurance area should have a deep empathy with the athlete. We should have trained and ideally still be training to ensure learning continues but most of all so we know that feeling for the early session when tired or how sore that last 6 hrs on the hills made us feel. We need to understand the drive whilst fitting in the 'normal' life. It's a combination of skills, experience and inspiration that should benefit the athlete. It is a journey for both parties and a special relationship resulting in great strides for athelete perfomance.

I have a background in racing and some highlights are two Marathon Des Sables top finishes, two Leadville Trail 100 runs (sub 25 hr buckle), the Transalpine 278 km race, Swiss K78 as well as top results in my chosen New Zealand home. My philosophy includes a detailed race preparation i.e. careful build-up race selection, attention to detail i.e. terrain, temperature and altitude etc. Solid conditioning and periodisation with heart rate detail go towards gradual and injury free improvement. Goals should be realistic, I am not the person to drive people to breakdown as they do a 100 mile run on 3 days a week - I believe in periods of tough training mixed with recovery, sustained work building to peak whilst recognising that most of us try to have a healthy life balance where we wish to enjoy sport for many years ahead.

Payment for all programmes is made, in advance, for 3 monthly periods. General assistance with nutrition or equipment is also available.