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Robert Edges To Marathon Des Sables With 62 km Done...

Robert is 56 and has gradually changed his body and is learning the arts of long distance running. He is learning the benefits of weight training combining with running and heart rate knowledge, nutrition etc etc.

This summer ( (feb 2017) he has now completed his first off road big one and he really enjoyed himself and gained some confidence along the way. He is not trying to win MDS but he does want to complete it well, without too much of a mess ( as some do) and enjoy the experience. Now we have to put some specific terrain and packwork into him, enhance the race execution knowledge and he will be there. It is a tough journey but I have raced MDS twice to top 50 finishes and raced many other similar races- it's a race not to take lightly or we do not enjoy much at all.

Well done Robert.... in his words;

In 7 months Russell has turned me from a 'Round the bays' runner to an 'unltra marathon' runner. If you are looking for a guy that tells you " Wow, you are doing fantastic" then he is not for you, but if you are looking for a top professional trainer that will get you across the finish
line with a serious attitude to proper training and nutrition then I highly recommend Russell Maylin.............Robert Jackson-Mee I take the work seriously with my athletes and we enjoy ourselves along the journey. I have seen too many athletes get poor help from their Coaches and made a promise not to be one of them. I dedicate myself to getting you all through to your goals and give everything to help you achieve your race objectives.

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