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Relaxation/Deep Tissue

The focus at Action Potential is you! Over 10 years experience helps us relieve tension in this character, spacious, studio environment where parking is provided. A Swedish style combines with the techniques of neuromuscular and trigger point work for effective relaxation. Genuine deep tissue work is offered as required and remains popular. Depth and pressure feedback is always the clients choice. A quality massage is assured in the clinic.

Massage Therapy
Massage Therapy


The sports service is a favourite here. Russell's Ultra interests and technical training ensure one of the best sports sessions available anywhere. Muscle assessments and strength exercises available. Many athletes from top level to the seasoned age grouper return regularly to assist with recovery, absorption of training and gain the training edge. Massage can help you have a great season and hit those key events in top form. Experienced with Olympic athletes and professionals such as the Alinghi sailors and many locals trying to achieve a personal goal, all are welcome.


I listen to you and put my skills to work on your body. Rehabilitation and referral network for speedy progress a speciality. 15 years experience in the pharmacuetical industry and a lifetime of physical training allows sensible referrals and advice. Rehabilitation is a big part of the practice where hands-on work combines with exercise prescription and advice to assist your return to health.

Massage Therapy